DEBOSS or EMBOSS is a process in which a metal die is created from artwork. The die is then heat-pressed into the material, leaving a depressed or raised image of the artwork. This method is used on leather and other substrates.


DIGITAL PRINTING in full color graphics is a newer process that involves your artwork being processed by a computer, then printed directly onto the surface of your product.


EMBROIDERY is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn and usually includes up to six colors. Embroidery is available for fabric products such as caps, bags, blankets, towels and aprons, and can also be applied to leather and vinyl products. Pricing is based on total image size and the total number of stitches.


ETCHING is either a sand blast or chemical process that etches decoration into solid surfaces such as glassware, crystal or metallic surfaces, leaving a satin texture tone-on-tone finish.


HEAT TRANSFER is decorating with a heat transfer is ideal for complex artwork or photographs. This technique is available for light and dark colored materials and is best suited for art designs with floating text.  The heat transfer process requires printing of inks onto transfer paper, and then applied to the material surface using heat and pressure.


LASER ENGRAVING is a process that uses light to burn an image onto the substrate. It gives your logo a

clean, polished appearance. The imprint color may vary depending on the material of the product. Laser Oxidation is available on items where the surface and the substrate are the same color. (The imprint turns black with Oxidation.)


PAD PRINTING is a process where an inked image is transferred from a photo-etched plate to a thin, soft silicone pad. The pad is then pressed against the plastic part. The pad can wrap itself as much as 180° around a small object, and ink coverage is excellent. One color is printed at a time, and registration between colors is adequate for four-color process printing.


PERSONALIZATION is an option depending on the product material. Individual names or initials can be engraved, embroidered, direct printed or debossed on many products.


SILK SCREEN is the direct imprinting of a one-color design or text onto the surface of a product. The image is pressed through tensioned nylon mesh, leaving a paint-like appearance. This generally results in a better imprint than a Pad Printing, though it requires a relatively flat surface without obstructions.